Michael Oher Defies Odds (I Beat The Odds Book Giveaway)


Michael Oher’s new book “I Beat The Odds” is an amazing journey and look into a mans life that seemed to be destined to poverty, crime, and drugs.  Presented with every roadblock imaginable, Michael Oher’s persistence, drive, and a few very important people along the way, helped shape this once poverty stricken boy with no hope, into a something that truly encompasses the success stories of  legend.  From growing up in the ghetto of “Hurt Village” to becoming a number one draft pick in the NFL, his story of defying the odds is truly inspirational and proves that anyone can change their life with hard work and a few helping hands along the way.  Michael talks about the impact of a particular doorway, tire store and an NBA playoff game that would shape his character and give him the inspiration to keep his head above water.  This book is a true account from Michael’s own experience about his life growing up and the struggles he faced daily.  It explains the differences of  the Hollywood production “The Blind Side”  and the real life facts of how things really went down for him.  There are so many people  we get to meet from Coach Tony, to Miss Sue to the Tuhoy family who gave Michael a place to call home.  This a story of hope and what can happen to someone when they work hard and are given a chance. I have two books to  giveaway.  Leave a post and why you might want to have it.  I will pick at random two winners of the books and contact them via email.

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