Sergio Kindle: A Wasted Pick or a Potential Playmaker?


When Sergio was first drafted, I was ecstatic. We needed another pass rusher to take pressure off our secondary and this seemed to be our answer. After he fell down a flight of stairs, subsequently fracturing his skull, Sergio was forced to sit the 2010 season out, flushing a potential great rookie season down the drain. Without ever playing a down, there is a looming cloud of question surrounding him and his future of playing football is still TBD.

Sergio has said that he feels good about his chances of playing next season. In my eyes, I believe he will be a big sleeper with the Ravens next season. He possesses immense talent when rushing the pass and his injury should motivate him to take advantage of this opportunity. Getting him back this year would be gaining an extra draft pick given the fact he didn’t play last season. Many people have forgotten about him, but keep in mind he wasn’t drafted in the second round for nothing. His speed and athleticism are unmatched and he displays a wide range of skills as a pass rusher. If he’s cleared medically for next season, look for him to make an impact in some way or another.