Offensive Needs


After what looked to be a promising 2010 season, the Ravens’ offense failed to produce the numbers that fans expected. The running game was almost non-existent, and the new and improved wide receiving corp took a while to get going. Flacco was inconsistent throwing four picks one week and three touchdowns the next. Although the Ravens were putting up W’s, those wins didn’t seem satisfying. Here are some things that I think the Ravens should do to pump the life back in to the offense:

1. Move Michael Oher back to right tackle – Oher, or Mr. False start as I like to call him, was inconsistent to say the least last year. It seemed like night and day compared to his rookie season. Though I don’t believe all the offensive line woes should be blamed on Oher, his poor play on the left side was detrimental to the team’s success. If Jared Gaither heals up and is willing to play, putting him back at left tackle should stimulate the running game.

2. Get a deep threat – The Ravens’ draft history when it comes to wide outs is far from spectacular. All of our successful receivers have come from either trades or free agency. Many people believe that the draft is the answer, but given our recent track record, I’m skeptical. The only guy in the draft that I think fits the Ravens is Torrey Smith. He would boost the receiving corp but we have greater needs on defense that should be addressed first.

3. Flacco needs to take the next step – Joe Flacco has made great improvements from his rookie season, but the big step I was expecting him to take during his third year never happened. The Ravens’ success all depends on Flacco’s performance. With an aging defense that doesn’t have many years of superiority left, the time to win a Superbowl is dwindling. He has yet to show the poise needed when faced with clutch situations. When there is two minutes left on the clock and the ball is in Flacco’s hand, I’m not feeling too confident. These situations are where Joe needs to excel or you can kiss the chance of a Ravens’ Superbowl goodbye.