2011-2012 Schedule


Week 1: v.s. Steelers at home. Sunday, Sep. 11, 1:00

How exciting is it to start the most head-ripping rivalry on Week 1? You better believe it’s redemption time.

Week 2: at Titans. Sunday, Sep. 18, 1:00

With two battle-tested teams who fought it out three times in the Ravens’ Superbowl winning season, the Titans have some history with Baltimore. Even though the Titans are rebuilding, it should be a great game to exploit any new quarterback they try to plug-in during the offseason.

Week 3: at Rams. Sunday, Sep. 25, 4:05

With ex-Raven Mark Clayton making a splash with rookie QB Sam Bradford last year, it will be interesting to see how Mark fairs with a former team-mate staring him down.

Week 4: v.s. Jets at home. Sunday, Oct. 2, 8:05

Another hard knock battle will fill M&T Bank Stadium as the Jets try and reroute any Superbowl dreams for the Ravens, just like we rerouted their’s last season on Monday Night Football.

Week 5: Bye

Week 6: v.s. Texans at home. Sunday, Oct. 16, 4:05

Matt Schaub will give anything to get back at Josh Wilson and all the other Ravens that crushed the remaining hopes of the Texans in the playoffs with a thrilling overtime victory last year.

Week 7: at Jaguars. Monday, Oct. 24, 8:30

Are you ready for some football??? David Garrard will be trying to play “lights out” to keep his contract, and MJD will serve as a good test for Sergio Kindle who is expecting to start next season. This Monday Night Football game may not seem too exciting, but this may turn out to be a great test as the Ravens begin to get playoff ready.

Week 8: v.s. Cardinals at home. Sunday, Oct. 30, 1:00

Will the Cards get Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, or another talent in this years draft? I don’t know yet but I’m sure Mr. Reed would love to see how good they think they are. And if the Ravens do draft a corner, Larry Fitzgerald will be sure to give him a good test.

Week 9: at Steelers. Sunday, Nov. 6, 8:20

World War II will take place in the Steel City on Sunday Night Football, and the Ravens are going to make sure to bring their Playoff hopes with them.

Week 10: at Seahawks. Sunday, Nov. 13, 4:05

As the surprise playoff team last year, Ray Rice and Joe Flacco would love to show an offensive explosion in the Emerald City.

Week 11: v.s. Bengals at home. Sunday, Nov. 20, 1:00

With the Bengals reportedly trying to move some pieces around on the offensive side of the ball, the Ravens defensive would love to humble any wideout that lines up in front of them.

Week 12: v.s. 49ers at home. Thursday, Nov. 24, 8:20

Thanksgiving food? Ravens football? and a newly birthed Brother-v.s.-Brother rivalry? How could this get any better?

Week 13: at Browns. Sunday, Dec. 4, 1:00

Colt McCoy is either in a slump or on fire at this point in the season, and it would please me to see Colt crying after so many interceptions by the end of this game.

Week 14: v.s. Colts at home. Sunday, Dec. 11, 1:00

While the Colts usually had the upper hand in this chess-match of defensive and offensive leaders, Ray Ray will show Peyton that we’re not afraid to go punch-for-punch against these league rivals.

Week 15: at Chargers. Sunday, Dec. 18, 8:20

For Sunday night football, the Purple Ops head west to try and stop a team who’s know for turning on their A game in December.

Week 16: v.s. Browns. Saturday, Dec. 24, 1:00

Christmas Eve football would matter for Colt McCoy. He’s still in a heap, sobbing and reeling from all the times our pass rushers man-handled him and our secondary plucked everything he threw out of the air.

Week 17: at Bengals. Sunday, Jan. 1, 1:00

The Ravens close the season against a long rivaled foe as they’ll begin to set the Superbowl run in motion.

Having a rough schedule will benefit our boys going into late January and get us battle tested for anything the Playoffs will throw at us. While I know Rex Ryan, James Harrison, and Matt Schaub are at home probably plotting and trash-talking after seeing when they’ll have to take on the Ravens, we’ll “Buckle up our chin straps” and take them one Sunday at a time until Baltimore will triumphantly possess  the Lombardi trophy once more.