Ravens’ Schedule Analysis: Week 1 – Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold


Still hurting from the playoff lost to the Steelers? Well, you won’t have to wait long to see the rematch that will definitely be one for the ages. The two big contenders in the AFC North will meet in Week 1 in Charm City. Get ready for bumps, bruises, and bloodshed as the two teams will battle for an early lead in the AFC North.

The first thing that jumped out to me is the fact that this isn’t a prime time game. I thought for sure that, what many consider, the most heated rivalry in the NFL would be best viewed by a national audience. Regardless, this should be a typical Ravens-Steelers matchup with low scores and one key play to decide the outcome. Let’s hope this time that play is made by the Ravens rather than Troy Polamalu.

I see this game as the Ravens most important of the season for multiple reasons. The winner will get off to a fast start in the division and most likely maintain that lead for quite awhile. I’m also afraid that the toll that is taken on players to play an intense game like this may drain the them mentally and physically for quite some time. To put so much into a losing effort will do more harm than good. It’s vital for the Ravens to win this game so they can put some distance between themselves and the Steelers, who usually sneak up towards the end of the season. Getting this win behind our backs will, at worst, tie our final season record with the Steelers. Being 1-0 against the Steelers will take less pressure off of our next meeting.

As far as player match-ups go for Week 1, expect the usual as Joe Flacco attempts to decode Dick Lebeau’s defense and the Ravens’ D does its best to put pressure on Large Benjamin. Not much can be said right now as the draft hasn’t happened yet and there are still deals to be made in free agency. It should be a game to remember and have plenty of hard hits and memorable plays. Expect football… The way it is meant to be played.