What Carolina Should Do


I understand that this is a site dedicated to providing you with in-depth coverage and (semi-)professional insight on the world of the Ravens, but I thought that the ramifications of what Carolina does with the first overall pick on Thursday will have a trickle-down effect on the 26th pick. Therefore I shall come right out and say it. Carolina should not draft Cam Newton. (Still breathing?)

Last year, the Panthers seemingly got a steal by picking up Jimmy Clausen in the 2nd round out of the Fighting Irish’s pro-style offense. While his progress on the field seemed lacking to many, I think it would be good to remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. You at least have to give the guy another year to show what he really has and be patient in trying to develop as a “prolific pocket passer”. For those who say trade him, who did he have on the offensive side of the ball besides Steve Smith? Anyone? Don’t you think maybe that if you got more talents on the offensive side that maybe the one-time 2009 Second Team All-American might preform better?

If Clausen does do well next year then awesome, here is your long sought after franchise QB. Enjoy and protect him. If Clausen doesn’t pan out next year, then they’ll probably have a fairly high draft pick. Um… Andrew Luck will be in next years draft…. um…. and he’ll probably go high in the first round. Get the picture? If they draft Cam Newton, you have two gambles, and two totally different systems offensively for each quarterback while they both learn the system. Or, if you don’t draft Cam, you can get young talent in bigger holes and just ride the wind with whatever Clausen gives you then think about your QB situation. Which sounds smarter? What I thought.