The Baltimore Ravens Want Compensation For Trade Confusion


The Baltimore Ravens were attempting to get a trade done with the Chicago Bears that would exchange each others first round picks (26 and 29 respectively). Plus, the Ravens would receive the Bears’ forth round draft pick (127th overall). Things didn’t turn out the way they were expected to and everyone was left confused to say the least.

Two teams must confirm a trade for it to process, but Chicago didn’t do it in time leaving the Ravens’ GM, Ozzie Newsome, scrambling to submit his pick. The Ravens were forced to pass which put Kansas City on the clock. Luckily, the Chiefs had their eyes on WR Jon Baldwin instead of Jimmy Smith, who the Ravens picked next. The Bears were eventually able to get OT Gabe Carimi, who they tried to trade down for earlier. Everything worked out in the end and the Bears appoligized for the mishap. The Ravens’ wish to be compensated by the Bears for the mistake and the league is currently reviewing the situation. Some may disagree with this because the Ravens got who they wanted in the end, but why not go for compensation if it wasn’t your fault to begin with? It may seem selfish but unfortunately, money and greed is what this league runs on. What are your thoughts on the blunder? Please post your thoughts in the comments below.

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