My Favorite Draft Picks Of The Baltimore Ravens


After spending close to twenty four total hours of watching pre and post draft coverage as well as rounds 1-7, I’m a little drafted out. I’ve analyzed every pick in and out, and here are my favorite two picks of the Baltimore Ravens:

Torrey Smith WR Maryland
Round 2, Pick  26 (58th Overall)

When the Ravens finally were on the clock in round two, my head was screaming “TORREY SMITH!!” Torrey was my favorite receiver in the draft other then A.J. Green and Julio Jones. It made complete sense as the local wide receiver would not have to move far from his college of Maryland. Just forty five minutes up route 95 to be exact. His speed, size, and athleticism are a perfect fit for the Ravens and his ability to take the top off the defense should allow Anquan Boldin to get open underneath. When you look at this kid, think Roddy White. He reminds me much of him and we can only hope that his productivity matches Roddy’s.

Tandon Doss WR Indiana
Round 4, Pick  26 (123rd Overall)

I love this pick. Tandon Doss was a versatile weapon in Indiana’s Pistol offense. They frequently ran the double and triple option with him, and in the passing game he would grab anything in site. He often made their quarterback look better than he actually was. Making one handed catches in the flats and snatching balls placed four feet away from him became common for Tandon. If the Ravens don’t resign T.J. Houshmandzadeh, then he should be an easy replacement as their skill set is equally matched. The below video shows his ’09 highlights from the game against Michigan. I believe the play at 3:09 shows his ability to grab balls underneath and his potential as a possession receiver. The one thing I’ll note is that he always carries the ball on his right side but you are suppose to carry the ball on the same side as the closest sideline. Though this is a small detail, it can be a hard habit to break.

Now it may seem that I’m given all the love to the receivers, but I wasn’t too concerned with the current receiving corp to begin with. Honestly, I just loved the acquisitions of the two guys and see them as perfect fits for the Ravens. I thought there were other great picks as well, but these just stood out to me.

After watching the draft, I’m as excited as ever to get this season back into full swing, even if it means marching down to the NFL offices and punching Roger Goodell square in the face (and I really mean it). Stay tuned to EbonyBird for more updates and draft analysis. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook