Addition Of Jah Reid Helps Fix The Ravens’ O-Line


Jah Reid, RT, University of Central Florida

As you can see from the tape above, Jah Reid is a monster. At over 6’7″ and weighing in at 325, Reid can make you feel tiny standing next to him. Though, the strengths his size gives him also has it’s disadvantages. He has trouble hunkering down and lowering himself enough for effective blocks. However, he is very athletic for his size. He moves particularly well and shows explosive power in run blocking situations. His hand placement has shown some flaws, but that can easily be taught in time.

Jah Reid should be able to jump right in at right tackle which will allow us to move Marshall Yanda back to his natural position of right guard. If Michael Oher can improve his performance at left tackle from last year, we should have a very solid Offensive Line to plow the way for Ray Rice. I expect the line to look something like this:

LT            LG           C           RG           RT

Oher     Grubbs     Birk     Yanda     Reid

If need be, we can switch Oher and Reid if Michael continues to struggle on the blindside. Reid may take some time to adapt to left tackle, but he is versatile enough where he should be able to handle it after some coaching. I hope to see the Baltimore Ravens greatly improve their offensive line this year in order to take pressure off Flacco. The drafting of Jah Reid goes a long way to make this possible and I trust in his abilities to improve the offense overall.