Chicago Bears – Baltimore Ravens Trade Dispute Continues


"In reality, there is only one conclusion with what really happen — the Bears backed out of the trade after agreeing to a deal.Angelo claimed after the draft, “No harm, no foul, everyone got their man.” However, there was harm, there was a foul. Harm in the sense that the Ravens thought they had a deal, they could have lost their man, and they were left in limbo — the worst place to be on draft day. A foul in the sense that the Bears kept a pick they agreed to trade just minutes before. Chicago ended up using that fourth-round selection in a different deal to move up and take defensive tackle Stephen Paea, someone they considered drafting in the first round had all the offensive linemen been off the board."

Michael Lombardi of NFL Network digs deeper into the botched trade deal between the Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears in the 1st round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Lombardi says that although the Bears apologized, they backed out of the trade on purpose, knowing that Gabe Carimi would still be available at pick 29. After all is said and done, both teams got who they wanted, but a pick that belongs to the Ravens was never given to them. I suppose we can let bygones be bygones but it still is a little disconcerting. Have your own opinions on the trade snafu? Please post in the comments. And while you’re at it, like us on Facebook