Tyrod Taylor Adds New Dynamic To Baltimore Ravens’ Offense


The Baltimore Ravens’ sixth round draft pick shows similarities to Philadelphia quarterback, Michael Vick. They both have extraordinary rushing abilities and can throw while on the run. I’m sure the Ravens’ Offensive Coordinator, Cam Cameron, will throw a couple of wrinkles into the playbook as such talent would go to waste on the bench. Tyrod shows great potential on the NFL level and should learn a lot while under the wings of Cam Cameron and Joe Flacco.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of plays like this by the Ravens when the time is right:


It’s always nice to see some trickery or out of the ordinary plays happen and it’s even better when they work. If Joe didn’t trip during that play and scored a touchdown, he would have scored a rushing, receiving, and passing touchdown in that same game. To my knowledge, that’s never been done before. Still, it was a great game for the Ravens and one that I was lucky enough to go to.

I would expect to see Tyrod on the field multiple times this season. Maybe more often in wildcat like formations but he still is a quarterback who prefers to be under center. No matter where he is on the field, I’m sure he’ll be making plays left and right, something that became ordinary for him in college. I’m excited to see how he will fair in his first preseason game. His passing abilities have been in question by some but he’ll answer those questions come preseason. Although the Ravens already have their franchise quarterback in Joe Flacco, Tyrod should make an impact with the Ravens that will increase their chances of reaching the holy grail: The Lombardi Trophy