Who’s Out There? – Noel Devine


There are many talented undrafted free agents from this years draft. One that stood out to me was RB Noel Devine out of West Virginia. If you haven’t seen this kid play, then do yourself a favor and watch his highlight tape. He can flat out ball.

I’ve been watching Noel Devine’s film since high school. When I first saw him, I knew that he would be an impact player on the professional level. The only thing holding him back is his size. At 5’8″, 180 lbs, Noel is anything but big. His league longevity is a big question at the moment as he looks to be prone to injury. Though if you watch him play, he’s as strong as ever. I’ve seen him stiff arm linebackers to the ground and level safeties with bone crushing blocks. In the running game, his lateral quickness and block reading abilities are unprecedented. He stops on a dime and will make all pro players feel like they belong in the Canadian Football League. He could be a great “change of pace” back that would provide a spark to an offense when they need it most.

Noel Devine has had a tough past. His parents died when he was young and he even witnessed one of his friends get killed. Deion Sanders has mentored Noel since he was younger and helped him over jump these hurdles. It’s more than obvious he has the skills, it’s just a question of who’s willing to take a chance on him. Let me know what you think of Devine in the comments.