Hello there


My name is Lauren and I’m the newest contributing writer here at Ebony Bird.  Just so you can learn a few things about me, here are the essentials:

1. I’m a student studying journalism (specifically sports) at the University of Maryland.
2. I eat, drink, breathe, and live sports. Thanks to my Dad, I’ve been watching sports since before I had any sort of attention span.
3. If you get the hint that I have an extreme passion for sports, well, you have no idea what the Ravens mean to me. The Ravens are my life every single day. It’s actually kind of sad.
4. I may possibly hate the Steelers MORE than I love the Ravens, which is saying something.
5. I’m looking forward to being able to spew my passion in the enormous space of the Internet to people who will actually read about my opinions (which often include rants). I also am willing to talk Ravens and football anytime so comment on something I write or shoot me an email and I will gladly engage in conversation with you!

So, now that you know a little about me…let’s get onto what I have to say today. Some of you will start reading this and move on because you won’t care at all, but some of you will be interested in this sort of thing and I love to share random things.

The rookies were assigned jersey numbers today. (Have you moved on yet? No? Ok, great). The one I cared the most about is Torrey Smith. I loved watching him play last season; he is a lot of fun to watch on the field. I basically threw a party when the Ravens drafted him from my college team to my professional team. It was awesome and now I can’t wait to see what he can do with the Ravens.

So, Torrey will wear number 82, keeping the number he had here at Maryland.

As for Jimmy Smith, he’s taking number 22.
OT Jah Reid (I’m liking this pick a lot) will sport number 76.
WR Tandon Doss will wear 89.
CB Chykie Brown has number 40.
DE Purnell McPhee will show us a number 90.
QB Tyrod Taylor will add 1 to his VA Tech jersey to have number 6.
Finally, RB Anthony Allen will run with number 35 on his back.

I know we won’t even be seeing some of them on the field, but it’s only fair to give all the draftees equal spotlight (besides Torrey because I can’t help but have a bias towards him).

Well that’s all for me today and I hope I have something better and more interesting and more opinionated to write about next time!

P.S. I am the lead writer over at FanSided’s Baltimore Orioles blog Birds Watcher so if you’re an O’s fan, head over there to read up on ’em!.