A Rookie Paralleled With a Hall of Famer


One grew up in California loving football. The other grew up in Virgina loving football. One had such an audible passion to play quarterback while growing up, while it was almost unheard of at that time. Though  his athleticism was awe-inspiring and many said to change position, he finally found a collegiate home in Washington as a starting quarterback (after some time). The other had athleticism oozing out of every pour of his toned body that Virgina Tech. couldn’t help but love to swoop him up and made him the next Hokie quarterback. One lead his team, in his senior season, to the Rose Bowl and defeated the Michigan Wolverines by a score of 27-20 and was named the game’s MVP. The other used his incredible play-making abilities, though having the immense pressure to preform above the level of recent graduate Micheal Vick, to take his team to the Orange Bowl, though fell short of winning it. One was told he would have to change positions to be drafted. The draft came and went without his name being called so he went to the Canadian Football League to play for the Edmonton Eskimos, and had tremendous success, winning 5 consecutive Grey Cups (Their version of the NFL’s Superbowl). He then went on to the NFL to play for the Oilers, the Vikings, the Chiefs, and the Seahawks. Though he played outstanding during most of his career, his ultimate pitfall was he never won a Superbowl ring. The other was suggested he change positions, even after a stellar combine. He waited until the 6th round for his name to be called to go to the Baltimore as a Raven (As a side note, I scared the ever-loving out of my 92 year-old grandmother when I jumped from my chair and proclaimed “Yes!” when I saw who we drafted with the 180th pick in the 2011 draft. Sorry grandma. Hope that doesn’t hinder your cookie production in the future). The first “one” was Warren Moon, who is the only player in both the NFL and CFL Hall of Fame. The “other” one was freshly drafted Tyrod Taylor, who is just getting to prove what he can do as a play-caller in the Pros.

As you can tell so far, I am a big fan of both these athletic men and hope I showed you the parallels and differences between these two, who are seemingly cut from the same clothe. I understand I maybe jumping ship a little early due to Taylor not even being able to preform at Mini-Camp yet, but I am confident in this guys abilities to sling it in the NFL. He may take some time to groom, but I think he has starting quarterback intangibles. It maybe a risk to stick my neck out so far, but hey, live and learn.