Football? On Sunday?


There are rumors floating around that there will be football on Sunday no matter what. Sounds like a hard promise to swallow during all this lockout negativity looming every time any one talks about the regular season, but it’s true. Just maybe not what type of football you think. Some of the bigger-named college football teams are looking into moving their games to Sunday to insure there will be cleats hitting the field on that day. Though it is somewhat vain to compare NCAA football to the more intense and hard-nosed drama called the NFL, it’s still football. As a football fan on both levels, it is a nice gesture for the NCAA to be considering the attention of the football-starved fans of the professional leagues, and with no end to this lockout in the near future, you may see the collegiate level getting a foot hold into the prime-time slots and the bigger market crowds that the NFL would usually occupy. If they could get their screwed up playoff system straighted out, then college (not professional) would the talk of the town on ESPN networks even if the lockout ends where there is still football to play for the NFL.

Until then, watch some Ravens game highlights on YouTube. Or, if you don’t have a college team, you could follow the Maryland Terrapins (Who Torrey Smith played for last year) or maybe the University of Miami (Who Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Willis McGahee played for) this football season. Be sure to follow both Ebony Bird and me (Shamrock5m00n) on Twitter. Go Ravens.