Ravens Ranked #7 Team


In NFL.com’s Fan Rankings, both the experts and fans ranked the Baltimore Ravens as the number seven ranked team in the NFL. Both the experts and fan consensus put the Ravens’ divisional rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers, ahead at number three. The Greenbay Packers and New England Patriots made the top two and New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, and New York Jets finished out the rest of the top six.

The spots that I most agree with are the Packers at one, and the Steelers being ahead of the Ravens. I say this because, the Superbowl champs should remain number one until week one of the next season. They are still the champs and should be treated so until play continues. As Ray Lewis so eloquently put it last year, “[The New Orleans Saints], that’s the only people that can be dethroned.”

As for the Steelers, let’s face it, year in and year out, they’ve proved that they’re better than the Ravens. During crunch time, they always find a way to win and the Ravens are the ones left in the dirt. Don’t try to argue this because it’s the truth. Coming from a Ravens’ fan, it’s hard to admit, but arguing it just makes the Ravens’ fan base as a whole look ignorant. In years past, the Pittsburgh Steelers have just plain and simply beat us. You could say that some calls here and there may have changed the game a bit, but a truly more dominate team would be able to completely rout the opposing force.

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