Flacco Overrated? Not Even Close


Hey there! This is my first blog post with Ebony Bird and I’m thrilled to be able to share my passion and knowledge of the black and purple with you. I have been a Ravens fan since 1996 and a season ticket holder since the 2000 Super Bowl season. I’ve seen the ups, the downs, the mediocre and the almost.

So what can you expect from me? Let’s start with objective opinions. Although I’m a big fan, I’ll still remain objective for the benefit of this blog.

One of my first opinions here is that Joe Flacco is neither a superstar nor a bust. In fact, he’s far from a bust. Flacco entered his 2008 rookie year as the third quarterback behind Troy Smith and Kyle Boller. Boller and Smith both got hurt during the preseason and it thrust Flacco into starting week one of his rookie year. All he has done since then is win 32 times in 48 tries and taken the team to the playoffs three seasons in a row. Is that a common thing among all NFL quarterbacks? Nope. Is it the norm? Nope.

I’ve heard many people try to say that Flacco is helped by a tremendous defense. Well, yes. But who isn’t helped by other parts of their team? Great players have other teammates who help them out. I ask you this: Did the Ravens make the playoffs under Kyle Boller? He had an even better defense every year and still never made the playoffs. Flacco specializes in making big plays at big times and controls the game beautifully. He has shown the ability to win games and even when he’s playing poorly will still make some plays that help win games.

Joe Flacco 2010 Highlights

He’s a guy I’d rather have over about 75% of the QB’s in the league right now. In an age where the QB is king, you’d like to have somebody who can get it done. Just look at the Redskins. Their QB will be either John Beck or Rex Grossman. Would people rather be in that situation? I didn’t think so.

Yes, Flacco has struggled in some playoff games. Who hasn’t? It isn’t like the Steelers are the little sisters of the poor. Let’s be honest, Flacco did not lose that game this past season in the playoffs. His teammates unraveled on him.

Be thankful the Ravens have a good young quarterback who will be here for 10 more years. He will get better, he will grow, and he will keep winning. You can write that down. Be happy we have somebody who can lead this team to the playoffs. It’s a bit of a crapshoot from there.