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Random Thoughts


Are you feeling football starved? Well so is newly drafted wideout Torrey Smith who tweeted today,

"“I just sat here for 5 mins thinking about what this fall would be like without football…IT WOULD BE AWFUL smh”"

Now as a fan, you just sit there slowly going mad due to sports shows reverting to rumors someone’s grandma said for big news in the NFL. For players, they work out, stay in shape, and wait for the courts to rule in their favor (Oh, and don’t tweet you’re having fun during the lockout. God forbid anyone enjoy a break). But as a sportswriter for such a great website as Ebony Bird, I have to read every scrap of news and rumors any sports website /show will give me (Mike Florio and Mike Duffy are quickly becoming my best friends), to try and give you the best and freshest news I can. And since I have no rants, I am just going to express all thoughts of and about the Ravens I ever had.

Number 1. Captain Dee-Fense Should Have His Own Day At M&T

Besides you, think the biggest Raven fan at the stadium. Captain Dee-Fense is probably one of them.

Every home game he is black-and-purpled out, sometimes you see him on billboards, and on commercials. My question, do you really know who he is? The Captain was born Wes Henson, and ending up serving his country heroically in the Navy. He wears, in his Raven garb, a patch for every branch of the military. He also does a countless number of charities for the Charm City, including the Big Bothers/Big Sisters program. I believe that we are blessed to have such a caring and passionate “super fan”, so much so that we should honor him with a celebration during at least one home game during the season. 10% of the proceeds would go to the charities Captain Dee-Fense proudly is a part of and everyone could don the giant “D” and “Cut Out Picture That Looks Like a Picket Fence” signs. Sound good? P.S. Sports Steve should get one next.

Number 2. Ray Ray Would Look Great In The White House

What does this country need right now in its leader? Someone who is decisive, clutch, can handle many pressures, knows what to say, knows how to say it, knows when to say it, understands the people, loves the people, is a role model, and can convey his thoughts and emotions with such intensity and truthfulness that even a Steelers fan can believe him no matter what. Ray Lewis is that man. No matter the political affiliation, Baltimore would go to the polls in droves to support the man who was been the long-time face of the city. After Ray Ray hangs up his cleats, I’m sure a thought wouldn’t cross his mind about running for some type of public office.

Number 3. Personal Moment

Last month, I bought an Ozzie Newsome jersey. I almost cried when I saw it. Plus it was their last one and it was just my size. It was an exciting time in my life. Comment on here if you’re jealous. Or have any questions. Be sure to hit up that Ebony Bird Facebook page.