Media Quote Disection: It’s gone overboard!


OK. So here is my take on what Lamar Woodley said regarding Joe Flacco’s ability or inability to win the big one: who the you know what cares?

I love how people act like they don’t say stuff like this in their own lives or about other people in their lives. Does it affect you that your friend said you can’t do such and such? Do you dwell on it? Does it even matter? It’s like people thinking Lebron James is the only guy who ever took a better job offer and is supremely confident in himself. I can name five people who I’m friends with who are just like that. The difference? They aren’t a global brand or good at basketball so nobody gives a damn.

Flacco is 32-16 as a starter in the NFL. He has a lot to learn but is also miles ahead of where most people thought he’d be three years ago when he was drafted out of the University of Delaware. He throws a lot more touchdowns than interceptions and is a guy who makes big plays when big plays are needed the most—except in games against the Pittsburgh Steelers. So the guy needs to play a little better against said team. Wow, like he is the only one who is like that.

The fact is that the Baltimore Ravens aren’t guaranteed a championship even if Flacco has a Peyton Manning like season. So many moving parts have to happen for a team to win. The Packers don’t win the big one this year without a defensive touchdown in the first half. Ray Rice cant fumble on the road in the divisional round with a 14-point lead. Anquan Boldin can’t drop a touchdown pass. Lardarius Webb can’t give up a 3rd and 18 for 50-plus yards. Woodley’s Steelers squad never seems to give up plays like that—but the Ravens have. Is all of that Flacco’s? No.

In an age of intense scrutiny on professional athletes, it seems the smallest things are dissected. Things that are a part of everybody’s life. Why should it be different for these guys? Cause they make a lot of money? You would too if you could do what they do at the highest level. I could care less what Woodley said. If I was asked about my rival I would say they couldn’t do anything well either. Then I’d be the one put under the microscope for not believing I could beat them. By saying Flacco and the Ravens will win a championship it means the Steelers wouldn’t be in the Super Bowl. Then people would say Woodley lacks confidence. I think you see where I’m going with all of this.

Can the season just get started, please?