Terrell Suggs Number 40 On Top 100 Players Of 2011


Terrell Suggs, linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, was ranked number 40 out of the top 100 NFL players of 2011. In this video, head coach John Harbaugh presented Terrell Suggs on the Top 100 countdown. T-Sizzles wild antics and crazy personality were well represented and his incredible on field ability was displayed justifying his spot on the lis. Making it this far down the list is a big accomplishment as we are now making our way to the top tier of NFL players.

I expect the remaining Ravens’ players on the top 100 to be Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Haloti Ngata. I’m interested to see where Ray Lewis ranks on the list as he is getting older and may not be considered elite anymore by fellow NFL players. However, his strong will to compete while going into his 16th season may bump him up higher. I feel confident that Haloti Ngata will be in at least the top 15. He is undisputed best defensive linemen in the league and should fall in the top 10. I’m interested to see where he will fall. I expect Ed Reed to fall within the 20s as he has had some injury problems recently and has not shown his dominance as in previous years.

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