Sergio Kindle Cleared To Play


Seemingly on top of the world after being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens, Sergio Kindle’s life came tumbling down (literally) when he fractured his skull after falling down a flight of stairs. He missed the whole 2010 season and his future in football was uncertain. But just the other day, a sign of life was seen in Kindle’s future playing career. He told the San Antonio Express that he has been officially cleared for football activities.’

"I’m (100 percent) now. I’ve been (lifting weights) since I got to Baltimore. Now I’m actually training, football training, without the contact. Now I just have to wait and see whatever the lockout does so I can give it a shot."

Though Kindle is ready to play, he did suffer some permanent damage in his equilibrium and partial deafness in his left ear. Kindle states that missing football for a whole year was one of the hardest things he’s ever done and he looks forward to playing next year.

Although this sounds promising, there is no guarantee that he will be able to play next year as his health issues may get in the way at some point. We will know for sure once he gets the pads on and starts making contact. Let’s hope for the best as this young man tries to overcome a devastating injury and prove to himself, teammates, and fans that he can play like a Raven.