NFL Network Speculates On The Future Of The Baltimore Ravens


Jaime Dukes and Warren Sapp sat down to discuss the Baltimore Raven’s previous season and what the future holds for the team. After a crushing playoff defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Ravens must build off of what they had last year in order to make a deep playoff push next season.

As Ray Lewis said, the turnover battle must be won in big time games. Critical mistakes can turn the tide of the battle and that is exactly what happen to the Ravens last year. Though much of the blame is put on Joe Flacco for losing hold of a snap and throwing an interception, Ray Rice also contributed a fumble and the defense allowed some big plays by the Steelers that allowed them to win. The blame should be put on the team as a whole. The defense gave up long receptions, the offense turned the ball over, and the offensive coordinator called a poor game. Once the momentum shifted, the Ravens dominance came tumbling down and the rest is history.

Additionally, Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots shared some comments about defensive lineman Haloti Ngata. Ngata is revered as the best defensive lineman in the league and was acclaimed by the all time great Warren Sapp. He called Ngata the undisputed number one D-lineman and broke down some of his game film. The segment concluded with Fran Charles pointing out that Haloti Ngata and company should carry this defense for many years to come in hopes of one day hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.