Ravens Must Look Everywhere For A Passrusher


The Baltimore Ravens were expected to do big things last year on the defensive side of the ball with a heavy pass rush providing a foundation for the defense as a whole. Sergio Kindle’s injury proved to set the team back as the guy opposite of Terrell Suggs was nowhere to be found. Luckily, it’s a new year and the Ravens can re-organize and regroup.

As far as pass rushers go, this year’s free agent market is lacking. In order for the Ravens to provide a solid pass rush, a player within the organization must step up and take the reigns. Paul Kruger could be a possible canidate to do so. He’s shown initiative and drive this offseason and expects to play much more this season. He’s taken massive leaps since he’s been in the game and looks much more comfortable.

Another option would be the Ravens 5th round draft pick, Pernell Mcphee. He shows great strength and pass rushing abilities but lacks the quick jump off of the one. If he can master this skill, Pernell will become a complete player who can stick it to some of the league seasoned tackles in the league.
Lastly we have Sergio Kindle. Coming off of his head injury, he looks to prove the doubters wrong and become the player people wanted him to. Though many say he’s a lost cause, we will find out for sure once the season starts.