Derrick Mason Defends Joe Flacco


Joe Flacco has been in the crosshairs of media outlets this whole offseason. From Jamie Dukes to LaMarr Woodley, it seems that everyone is rooting for Joe to fail. Derrick Mason offered his theory on the matter and defended his quarterback in the process.

"When you’re good, people are scared of you. Honestly, that’s what I’ve seen. When people realize the potential that you have, they get very, very scared and then you see them scrambling to say bad things about the guy. Joe doesn’t care. He really doesn’t. For the Woodleys and the Dhani Jones and the rest of them, you see there aren’t no head coaches or general manager and no smart players saying Joe can’t play. The last thing you want to do is wake up a sleeping giant. Whether he says it or not, they’ve given him added fuel."

Given all the flak Joe Flacco has received, it’s good to see someone finally stick up for him. Though I do think what some said was a bit harsh, some of it is warranted. Flacco was given a great arsenal of tools last year and still couldn’t prove the doubters wrong. He was responsible for two of the turnovers in the AFC Divisional game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and was seen as the reason for the loss. Though Flacco has done great things in his first three years, his expectations have been set high and if he does not reach them, the hate is going to come. Props to Mason for defending his quarterback, but Flacco should have expected it.