There Needs to Be Football


I recently visited Tampa Bay and got to stand on the same field that, 11 years ago, Ray Lewis and all the 2000 Ravens hoisted the coveted Lombardi Trophy.

Raymond James stadium was home of Superbowl XXXV in which the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Giants of New York by a score of 34 to 7. My mind went back to Trent Dilfer handing to ball off to Jamal Lewis, as you see him bouncing to the outside with Jonathan Odgen leading the way. Then on the flip side I envisioned Sam Adams and Tony Siragusa busting through the line pressuring a hurried throw that you see zipping by Ray Lewis and Peter Boulware, but landing in the hands of Duane Starks as Rod Woodson and Chris McAlister help lead the way to a 49 yard touchdown return.

Do you remember that day? Days like that are the reason that not only do us fans want football, but we need it. Could you imagine how boring the water cooler would be on Monday if all you had to talk about was your wife and children??? Hopefully, this lockout will be over soon and we don’t have to imagine that horrible world. Baseball is great and basketball is fine, but no sport fires up a whole city like football. Football seems to be in the blood of every little boy that grew up wanting to ruff people up like Ray Lewis, or every little girl that ever wanted to run a post rout like Derrick Mason for a touchdown, or even every person that sees how M&T is flooded with purple and black every home game. Baltimore is a city of football. We fought to get football back and we want to keep it. Enough of this Lockout bull, I’m ready to put on my Ravens underwear, Ravens socks, Ravens pants, Ravens shirt, Ravens hoodie, my R. Lewis 52 jersey, put on some black face paint, throw on a Ravens hat, put on my purple and black Nikes, just to thrive on every single second of every single play for all 4 quarters. All the while, yelling at Joe to throw it, or yelling at Ngata to sack them, or yelling at the refs for being blind. I’m ready for Ravens football. I’m ready to swell up with Charm City pride after every win and (hope this never happens) breathe and know we’ll get them next time after every loss. So, owners, players, lawyers, and commissioners, hear me for just a second. I don’t just want football; I need it. Baltimore needs it. Every football city across America needs it. Don’t disappoint us.

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