Harbaugh Still Upset About Bears Trade SNAFU


During the NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens apparently had a trade in place with the Chicago Bears. However, when Chicago relized that they would not need to trade up in order to acquire Gabe Carimi, they never submitted the trade leaving Baltimore to hang dry in one of the most confusing and awkward moments in NFL Draft history. It’s been months since the incident but head coach John Harbaugh is still upset…

"I’m not buying a ‘mistake’ thing. They knew what they were doing, they agreed to Get Get a pick. They got their guy on the phone. They recognized he wasn’t getting calls from the team behind them, and then they basically stalled for over a minute, telling us that they had called the trade in. So that was just not honest. That’s not ok. It’s not ethical, it’s not right. I personally agree with our owner [Steve Bisciotti] that they should have been held accountable for it.  We basically took them at their word, and obviously that was a mistake. – John Harbaugh on The Waddle and Silvy show in Chicago"

Many say that Harbaugh is “whining” and “being a baby.” But in all honesty, his points do seem valid. The Chicago Bears saw a better opportunity and took it. It’s something that people will remember for quite some time. I’m sure the Ravens will keep it in mind for the next time they play the Chicago Bears and I wouldn’t be surprised to see teams avoiding draft day trades with the Bears in the future. You can sit here and cry over spilled milk or take it for what it is. Everyone got who they wanted so no harm, no foul.