Important Info And Key Points Of Proposed CBA By NFL Owners

  • The owners approved a new deal in a 31-0 vote. The Oakland Raiders abstained from voting
  • The Hall of Fame Game between the Chicago Bears and St. Louis Rams has been canceled but the ceremony will go on as planned
  • NFL Players will be able to return to team facilities on Saturday
  • The Deal will last for 10 years through the 2020 season
  • Teams will be able to sign their own players and undrafted free agents first
  • The NFL has demanded that NFLPA re-form as a union and provide evidence by Tuesday, July 26.
  • Once the CBA is approved by the players and the union is reinstated, free agency will begin on Wednesday, July 27th
  • Training facilities will reopen on Saturday
  • Players receive 48 percent of the revenue in first years of the deal
  • $120 million salary cap: Team minimum 89 percent (106.8M) as long as league spends 99 percent ($3.88)
  • Veterans will be able to earn free agency after their 4th NFL season
  • None of this matters if the players do not vote in favor of this deal by Tuesday
  • The players and DeMaurice Smith are not happy about how the owners have handled this new deal
  • The players have not seen the new deal and there is no agreement between them and the owners
  • The deal proposed is nothing but a proposal and is not final

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