More Information On NFL Players And Response To Proposed Agreement


It’s been a rollercoaster ride during the past few hours. The lockout was suppose to be over tonight after the players voted on a deal proposed by NFL owners. The owners have laid out a new deal and detailed a time line for the upcoming weeks. Everyone is waiting on the players to vote on the deal but that will not happen tonight. The lockout’s end could be farther then we anticipated.

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Players are seeing this proposed deal as a “power play” to force them into a corner and make them agree on a deal that favors the owners. Everyone is now saying “the ball is in the player’s court” but that is not a fair statement. The owners voted for the deal and scheduled a press conference just before the players were scheduled to meet via conference call. They put out a timeline and a bunch of information to get everyone excited. It puts pressure on the players because if they vote no, they will be seen as the bad guys.

The players have decided to not vote tonight for this very reason. They want time to digest this new deal before they actually vote on it. They are reportedly very mad at how the owners handled this and I think this is granted. Generating so much chatter and excitement among fans and media has blown this out of proportion. People are expecting the lockout to be over momentarily but that is just not the case. The players have seen this as a ploy to generate fan hatred towards themselves.

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