I’ve Been Waiting 132 Days to Say This…



The NFLPA executive committee has approved the CBA. THE LOCKOUT IS OVER! FOOTBALL IS HERE!

The 32 player reps still need to vote to approve it but this is just a formality because the executive committee wouldn’t have accepted it if they didn’t know the players would accept it.

It’s here. No more waiting and listening to the radio, watching ESPN, checking the internet to see if it’s over. IT IS OVER and we have football!

Now, starting today, once the player reps approve the CBA, the NFL schedule will be as follows:

Today (Monday): The NFL will announce that teams can go to a 90-man roster (up from 80-man; that’s about 50 signings per team or 1,600 total transactions in a few days) and the official free-agent list will be given to all teams (a cheat sheet, if you will).

Tuesday: TRADING BEGINS. Teams can sign rookies and undrafted free agents beginning at 10 AM Eastern Time. Teams can also reach agreements with all free agents and signed players are allowed to report to team facilities.

Wednesday: Players may report to training camps 15 days before their first preseason game. This means 10 teams would report on Wednesday, 10 on Thursday, and 10 on Friday. The Jets and Texans would report on Sunday.

Thursday: Starting at 4 PM Eastern Time, teams can begin to cut player.

Friday: Teams can start filing transactions to the league office at 6 PM Eastern Time.

August 4: The deadline for recertification and ratification of the CBA by the players.

This next week will be the craziest most chaotic week in NFL history. What is usually done in a period of 5 months will be done in a period of 5 days. It is going to be insane, awesome madness that I and every other NFL fan is ready for since we’ve been so football-starved since February.