The NFL Lockout Is Over: What It Means To This Baltimore Ravens Fan


Glorious news came across the air waves today announcing that the NFL Lockout was over after 136 days. Today, July 25th 2011, will surely be a historic day in the NFL. Although I think we all knew that this would end at some point, it’s a relief to know that it is finally officially over.

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As a Baltimore Ravens fan, the first things I hope to see are:

  • Haloti Ngata signs a big contract
  • Dawan Landry resigned
  • Marshall Yanda resigned
  • Acquiring free agents
  • A solid plan or future for Sergio Kindle
  • Rookies to step up
  • Either resigning one of our corners (Josh Wilson, Chris Carr, Fabian Washington) or acquiring a new one

As Head Coach John Harbaugh has said numerous times, I would rather resign “our guys” before we go out and sign new free agents. Some casual fans don’t realize what impact Dawan Landry and Marshall Yanda make on the football field. Without one of those guys, a huge gap appears in the team. To resign them is of uttermost importance.

Each and every year, I’m interested in seeing Joe Flacco’s progression as a quarterback and a leader. This year is no exception. Flacco started off on the right foot during his rookie year as he led the Ravens to the AFC Championship game. People have expected him to take humongous steps ever since then which is unrealistic. I’m interested to see how he takes over the offense and becomes a team leader this year as that is critical to the Raven’s success.

Now I can finally get my fantasy football league together and schedule my draft. I’ve been looking forward to fantasy football ever since my team was narrowly beaten in the semi-final game last year. This year, I hope to be back with a vengeance and take my team to the ship where we will hoist the fantasy football trophy.

The most immediate thing that I am ecstatic for is the impending free agent frenzy. Watching big name players fly off the market and trying to picture them in their new uniforms. Thinking about what impact they will have on their new teams. The smart moves, the questionable moves, and the scratch your head moves. Ahh, how I love the smell of free agency. This year will be like no other. Expect the next couple of weeks to be like no other. The past 136 days have been filled with little to no football news. Now, all of the news that was suppose to happen will take place in a couple of weeks.

Now that I have spoke my peace, please share your thoughts on the NFL Lockout in the comments below. Also continue to check in with EbonyBird as we will continue to update you on NFL and Baltimore Ravens news.

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