Ravens Rumor Mill: Free Agency And Trades


Within the last 48 hours, I’ve heard some crazy rumors regarding the Baltimore Ravens. From Nnamdi Asomugha to Darnell Dockett, it seems that the Ravens are interested in everyone.  Need help sorting it all out? Continue reading to find out what is going on with the Ravens.

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I was hearing a lot about Baltimore going after Nnamdi. The majority of this was from untrusted sources or fans so I wouldn’t take it as gospel. Now that the Houston Texans, who were in the running for Nnamdi, have signed Johnathan Joseph, the likelihood of them acquiring him is gone. The New York Jets are in the market for a corner, and it’s either going to be Asomugha or Antonio Cromartie. Besides them, I’ve been hearing San Francisco in the mix. Jason La Confora has said that there could be a few more teams hiding in the weeds but nothing too serious. The Ravens are rumored to be only $4 – $6 million under cap so signing a big name will have to wait until Haloti Ngata’s contract is restructured. That should add a good amount of space but until then, don’t expect anything big.


During the past few hours, Twitter has exploded with rumors of Darnell Dockett joining the Ravens. Baltimore needs a pass rusher and Dockett certainly fits the description. However, those rumors were quickly smashed after Darnell posted a series of tweets:

"I’m not tweeting no more I’m pissed! Me to the Ravens no no no! Ttyl I’m calling my coach!"

About 30 minutes later, Darnell tweeted this:

"Whoop whoop my coach says no way I leave AZ and he even said NINO can come to training camp we getting bunk beds! This the best day EVER!"

Sorry Baltimore, but it looks like Darnell will not be wearing the Purple and Black this year.


Osi has been very disgruntled in New York. He wants out and the Ravens would love to get him.They need a pass rusher but I’mnot sure if these rumors are true. A few trusted sources have tweeted that the Ravens have some interest in him. The Ravens would greatly benefit from a veteran presence on the line and he would bolster the defense. Osi seems like the most promising but only time will tell.

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