What are Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens Doing?


I view myself as a pretty patient person but I’m starting to get anxious, nervous, and worried. It’s been a few days since the lockout ended and teams have been making moves left and right. I’ve been watching ESPN from the time I wake up to the time I can’t keep my eyes open, waiting to see the BREAKING NEWS come up and have it be about the Ravens. The Patriots, Eagles, Redskins, Seahawks, Cowboys, Titans, and Dolphins are all over SportsCenter. What about the Baltimore Ravens?

They haven’t kept completely quiet, however. They’ve already released their veteran TE in Todd Heap, the best receiver in Derrek Mason as well as McGahee and a pretty decent NT in Kelly Gregg. If that’s not all, Dante Stallworth signed with the Redskins (not a huge deal as he had a whopping 2 catches last season) and CB Josh Wilson also went down the beltway to Washington. They’ve also signed all their rookie free agents….except the first round pick and player we need the most, Jimmy Smith. He’ll be signed soon but still what the hell are the Ravens doing?!

At first, the major cuts the Ravens made caused me and a few fans to believe they were going after Nnamdi Asomugha. But, the only teams ESPN and NFL Network discuss when talking about the best free agent out there are the Jets (you’ve got to be freakin kidding me…Nnamdi and Revis? How is that even fair?) and the Texans. The Ravens have been brought up a few times but they never make it seem like they’re fighting hard for him. So, if it all this releasing and waiting isn’t for Nnamdi..who is it for? The only other big-name players I can think of are both CBs: Johnathan Joseph and Antonio Cromartie. If not them well, the Jets are eying Chris Carr. The Ravens need to get down to business and start resigning their own players. Dawan Landry needs to be resigned because the Jaguars are very interested and we really need him as he ties the secondary together. LeRon McClain needs to be re-signed or, if not him, another back. The Ravens also need to address their pathetic pass-rushing as they ranked 27th overall in the league last season. In addition, they need someone to take Gaither’s place. I know Jah Reid is expected to make a run for a starting job but what if he doesn’t perform well in training camp?

I know that Ozzie always makes good decisions and really hasn’t made a bad one…at least not one that I can remember. I know I have to trust him and I do but I’m very anxious to find out what he’s working on and what the plan is for the Ravens this season.