Calm down, we didn’t want Mason back anyway.


I’ve heard  A TON of chatter lately on local radio shows and throughout different Baltimore Sports blogs about Derrick Mason signing with the Jets and his parting shots at the Ravens.   Yes, Mason did say that he went to New York because he thought it gave him the best chance to win a Super Bowl.  Why are you angry about that? If you got fired from your old job and then a great job offer came from a boss you’ve heard about and he really wants to bring you on board what are you going to do? You’re going to take the job.  You’re not gonna tell people you took that job because it might have been you’re only offer or that you just wanted a pay check.  You’re going to try to talk up the company you are now working for and how much better it is than your old job.

Let’s try it this way.  You’re girlfriend dumps you after you’ve been together for awhile.  You’ve been broken up for a few months and you meet this other great looking girl who’s really into you and always texting you telling you she misses you and all.  Then you’re ex comes back and is like, “Oh, Johnny I see you’re still single I guess we can get back together if you want to.”  You’re going to stay with the new chick if you’re smart and make her your girlfriend than be sure to tell all you’re friends how much better she is than you’re old girlfriend. Probably post a few Facebook statuses about how great the new girlfriend is because you know your ex will see it.  That’s all Mason did.  He just bragged about his new girlfriend after his old one dumped him.  We can’t forget that the Ravens RELEASED Mason.

Mason was great when he was here but he was aging and we didn’t really need two of the same receivers again.  Boldin is a younger Mason, just more physical.  The Ravens will likely try to add a veteran WR to the team before the start of the season.  The youth movement could be great.  With guys like Smith,Doss,Dickson, and Reid getting playing time this year will only make us better for the next 4-5 years.  Would you be upset with an 8-8, 9-7 record if it got these young guys ready for the next few years and really opened a window of great opportunity for the Ravens to compete and win a Super Bowl or two in the next 5 years? Honestly, as much as I love the Ravens and want them to do nothing but winning, if allowing these young guys to grow for a year gives us the next 4-5 years in the playoffs every year and competing for a Super Bowl I’d be OK with it.  I’d still be ticked every time we struggled but I would know the future was brighter.

Mason wasn’t a part of the future.  It was time to move on despite his productivity.  I really believe Flacco will take a huge step forward this year without having Mason on the field.  He will be able to  spread the ball around without having guys like Mason and  Housh on the team.  I think we are all in for a huge surprise from a lot of the young guys like Doss and J.Smith this  year.  We may at times miss Mason on a few third downs but by the end of the season I think we will look back and realize we made up for his production with the new additions. It was time the Ravens moved on and brought in the new wave of Ravens receivers to pair with Boldin and Rice to take this offense to the next level.

In Oz I trust.