Jerricho Cotchery is not the answer


Many around town have taken to the idea that the Ravens should sign Jerricho Cotchery to play opposite Boldin.  I’m sorry but I don’t see the need to sign him, other than to have another veteran on the team. This would be like re-signing Mason, only he’s less productive.  We are not even sure if Cotchery would be able to hold up for an entire season. He is too similar to a Derrick Mason, and Anquan Boldin for me to long for him to be a Raven.

He had back surgery not long ago and recently failed his physical with the Jets.  His career average YPC is 12.6.  For comparison purposes Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason both sport career averages of 12.9 YPC.  We already have our over the middle and mid yardage guy in Boldin.  We had it is Mason.  We saw that having the same receivers does not work.  There really is no incentive to bringing Cotchery in to play opposite Boldin.  I feel that Tandon Doss will be able to fill that roll if need be.

I believe we need a veteran wide receiver but one with some speed.  Perhaps, if the Bills were willing to listen, we should attempt to trade for Lee Evans.  This is a receiver with more speed than a Cotchery type receiver and a much higher YPC average. Evan has averaged 15.7 YPC over the course of his career.   He is the type of receiver we could use to stretch the field some and take pressure off of Boldin. We all know Joe throws a great deep ball so let’s get him a receiver we know can go deep and be productive.  I’m not saying we should get him, but I am saying if we are going to bring in a receiver it should be someone that is a veteran with more speed similar to Evans.

I have more faith than most in the ability of Tandon Doss to be a productive receiver. I struggle with having a lot of faith in Torrey Smith right now.  No Maryland receiver has ever become ultra-productive in the NFL.  I hope that he does and can also take the pressure off of Boldin, allowing him to play against single coverage.

Let’s not make a move just for the sake of making a move.  If we are going to use some of our precious cap space in signing a receiver than we should get the right guy.  In my opinion, Cotchery is not that guy.  Could he be productive here? Possibly, but that doesn’t mean he’s the right guy.

We all watched last season, we know what would happen.  Let’s be patient and stop clamoring for every WR name that gets mentioned as a possibility in Baltimore.  We have to trust in Oz and the coaches that they know what they are doing and are sure smarter than all of us Monday-morning-quarterbacks.   It’s all gonna be alright.  We have made the playoffs 3 years in a row you know?

In Oz I trust.

(Edit: I wanna thank everyone that has taken the time to vote.  Over 300 votes now. Easily the largest amount of voting on any poll I have posted. Thanks!)