Ravens At Eagles: Halftime Thoughts


We’ve seen one half of action at Lincoln Financial field, and the Ravens are currently trailing by seven at half . To start it off, my feelings about the offensive line have not changed one bit. Oniel Cousins is not the answer at right tackle and I haven’t seen enough of Jah Reid to make a decision. Michael Oher is still not the player he’s suppose to be and I’m waiting for him to take the next step. The Eagles are penetrating the line way to much and we can’t pass protect worth sh*t. I wouldn’t be worrying about getting another receiver if our quarterbacks are going to be lying on their back before they can make a three step drop. In short, the Ravens O-line is in need of dire help. Hopefully things improve as time goes on but I’m not optimistic right now.

Overall I’m happy with the defensive play. The only knock on them is that they are not tackling. The D-line is penetrating the backfield and hurrying the quarterback. If it wasn’t for missed tackles, I’d give the Ravens a solid grade on defense so far. They don’t seem 100% on page with each other and there are some communication issues. But given that there was a lockout and very few practices this offseason, the trust shouldn’t be expected to come so soon and it grow with time.

It’s only been two quarters of play and we’ll see if things improve. There will be plenty of more analysis to come but I just wanted to get out some quick thoughts at half. Stay tuned for more after the game.

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