Know Your Enemy: Washington Redskins


This week I talked to the Editor of FanSided’s Washington Redskins blog, Riggo’s Rag. Ryan Estorninos had this to say:

1. I couldn’t help but notice Tim Hightower’s performance over the last two weeks. Do you think his success running the ball will continue throughout the regular season or is it just a preseason fluke?

No I don’t think its a fluke, but expect to see him spelled a lot and often.  I predict that he will unseat Ryan Torain for the number one back, but be spelled by him with Roy Helu, Jr. as a change up back.  This will be a running attach that most fans have not seen out of DC in quite some time.

2. The Redskins were predicted to be the worst team in the league this season, but they are looking fairly organized and efficient thus far. What are your expectations for them this season?

The Redskins were predicted to be the worst team only because of the quarterback position.  But while most experts were too busy kissing the Patriots, Steelers and Cowboys Hershey highways, the did not notice that football is a team sport and that the Redskins have been working to get better as a team.

Yes, the Redskins will not be great, but they will not be as bad as many people expect them to be.  The offensive line and defensive lines have vastly improved, the 3-4 defense has had another year to gel.  Execution-wise they have done their part.  They have looked solid so far, and will continue to show improvement.

3. John Beck or Rex Grossman. You can’t talk Redskins football without it coming up. Who do you think will start for them this season?

John Beck. I will make this simple, they are neck and neck out there but at the end of the day it will be Beck.

4. The Redskins acquired several former Ravens this year. Donte Stallworth, Chris Chester, and Josh Wilson come to mind immediately. How do you think they will play against their former team?

Stallworth is on the fence, but could make this team based on what he does and the young bucks don’t. Chest is locked in at right guard and Wilson will start.  Three solid role players and two of them will be regular contributors.

5. What player or position will you be paying extra attention to? Is there someone who must step up and perform?

I want to watch who Leonard Hankerson.  He had three catches last week, but one drop that everyone remembers.  He needs to step up.