Other Opinions: SI’s Don Banks


Sitting bored in my first class of the semester listening to a French professor talk about syllabi and university guidelines, I decided to just look around on Sports Illustrated.

Boy is it my lucky day because what did I find but a “front page” article about the AFC North this season.

What’s so good about that? Don Banks has the Ravens beating the Steelers this year and winning the AFC North for the first time since 2006. Though he breaks down both teams weaknesses, strengths, and predicts their record, there’s one paragraph that really stood out to me (and that will stand out to you).

"For a team that has gone 32-16 in the past three regular seasons and tacked on a total of four road playoff games over that span, the Ravens don’t seem to get a ton of respect for their accomplishments. But we know why. Baltimore can’t beat Pittsburgh when it really counts, losing to the Steelers in the playoffs twice in the past three Januarys. This is the year I think the Ravens finally get over their Pittsburgh problem, win the division, and see what a home playoff game feels like. I’m not sure that’ll be enough to guarantee them a Super Bowl trip, but beating the Steelers might just feel like the mountain top in Baltimore."

Yep, I smiled pretty damn widely too when I saw that.
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