Flacco Takes The Next Step And Emerges As A Team Leader


"I don’t know, there’s always going to be critics. Turn around, 10 weeks down the road, and something might happen, and okay, it’s back again. Who knows? For the time being, maybe, but I doubt it will last too long. – Joe Flacco"

One thing is for certain. Joe Flacco, just like every other quarterback in this league, will have critics. But after yesterdays game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Flacco quieted some.

Flacco was 17 for 29 on the day, throwing for 224 yards and three touchdowns. But his stats weren’t what was important. His overall control of the offense is what stood out. Flacco’s leadership could be seen and felt by all who watched him torch the Steelers secondary. He was not only making good decisions, but showing great poise in the pocket which allowed him to evade the Steelers pass rush that only sacked him once.

"I think he was very much in control of the game. I think he had a great understanding of their defense. He was probably a step ahead, in terms of just making the checks and getting us into the right plays the whole game. I thought he did a great job with that – Head Coach John Harbaugh on Joe Flacco’s performance"

It seems as if Flacco has finally taken the next step that Ravens fans have been waiting for. Dismantling the league’s number one defense is something to be proud of and Joe Flacco did it with ease.

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