Looking Ahead to Week Two: Ravens vs. Titans

Editorial Staff

I know I didn’t do an in-depth analysis before the Steelers game like I said I was going to but that’s because I forgot. So, officially, I’m starting the in-depth analysis (aka prediction) before every week now.

Week One: Baltimore Ravens
Opponent: Pittsburgh Steelers
Final Score: 35-7 Ravens (WIN)
Major Stats: Ray Rice rushed for 107 yards against the Steelers Defense; Joe Flacco threw for 224 yards and 3 TDs.
Game Notes: The Ravens forced 7 turnovers and didn’t have a single turnover themselves. They sacked Roethlisberger 4 times and the offensive line only allowed one sack on Flacco.

Week One: Tennessee Titans
Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars
Final Score: 16-14 Jaguars (LOSS)
Major Stats: Chris Johnson had 9 carried for 23 yards; Matt Hasselbeck threw for 263 yards, 2 TD, and interception, and a 93.1 QB rating.
Game Notes: Chris Johnson only carried the ball 9 times for 23 yards. It was said after the game that his carries are being limited. It seems that his hold-out negatively affected himself and his team as he’s not in football shape yet and is rusty as far as the playbook goes. Their QB is Matt Hasselbeck. Enough said.

My Beginning of Season Prediction:
Game Outcome- Ravens: 24 Titans: 21, WIN
Analysis: Out of their first 5 games, this one will most likely be the easiest but I still don’t think it will be easy. Matt Hasselbeck isn’t a bad QB and adding him with superpower RB Chris Johnson, the Ravens D have a tall order to fill. In the end, I think they pull it out with some timely sacks by T-Sizzle and stopping the run in the 4th quarter. Ravens win a close one here.

My new analysis after the jump!

The Ravens are coming off a dominant win against the defending AFC Champion Steelers. The Titans are coming off a heart-breaking loss when they were down 2 and driving on Jacksonville when Hasselbeck threw an interception. Ray Rice dominated with 107 rushing yards against the stingiest rushing D of last year. Chris Johnson held out through-out the entire off-season and preseason and only touched the ball TEN times in the first game. Titans fans are used to seeing 180 yard games when he didn’t even rush for 25 last Sunday. Granted, he’ll carry the ball about 15-20 times but his hold out really hurt himself and his team. He’s still not in football shape and, like I said, is rusty when it comes to the play-calling. I still see the Ravens winning this one. It’s hard to imagine a way in which they wouldn’t win this game. The only thing that could stop them is if the D lets Johnson have a huge game. Also: watch out for Kenny Britt. He was on the receiving end of both touchdowns for the Titans and had only 5 receptions but for 136 yards.

As for my beginning of the year prediction, I don’t think this will be decided by a field goal. I predict a 27-14 win. It won’t be a blow-out like last week but it won’t be nail-biter either.