Dominique Foxworth Takes Criticism For Poor Play Vs. Titans


After Matt Hasselbeck torched the Ravens secondary on Sunday, everyone looked for someone to blame. CB Dominique Foxworth received the majority of that criticism after a poor performance against the Titans.

Kenny Britt exploded against the Ravens catching nine balls for 135 yards and a touchdown. Britt and Hasselbeck were on the same page and the Ravens secondary failed to contain him. Britt’s size, speed, and strength creates big miss matches as smaller corners get out-physicalled and bigger corners usually don’t have the speed to catch up with him.

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Foxworth tore his ACL last season and is coming off of  a big knee surgery to fix it. For those who aren’t familiar with ACL injuries, they take a long time to heal and the recovery can not be rushed. Foxworth was probably the Ravens best corner two years ago. After suffering a terrible injury in 2010, Foxworth has not looked anywhere near 100%. But this doesn’t mean he should be thrown under the bus.

It’s clear that Foxworth did not play his best yesterday. But one bad game doesn’t warrant trading him. Trading him would be one of the most idiotic things given that the Ravens cornerback depth is dwindling after injuries to Jimmy Smith and Chris Carr. Lardarius Webb suffered a minor injury against the Titans but did return. Basically, the only healthy, starter-worthy corner that the Ravens have is Cary Williams. Foxworth is definitely not 100% but is a much better option that Chykie Brown who had numerous rookie mistakes during preseason.

I know you’re mad and upset, but don’t blame one guy for losing the game. Especially a guy who is recovering from a major and serious injury. The Ravens need as much depth as possible and keeping Foxworth is a must until the Ravens acquire a better option.

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