Ravens Rackers: Week Three


*Point totals are based on ESPN.com’s Standard Edition

I’m really bad at running features that I say I’m going to every week. I missed last week on this one but it’s safe to say, there wouldn’t have been much to write about since the team laid a major goose egg in all aspects of the game at Tennessee.

This week was another story. This was week one all over again except against an awful Rams team. The Ravens took advantage and fantasy owners are ecstatic they did.

Torrey Smith, WR
He racked up an amazing 34 points with his 3 TDs and 152 yards. Not much else to say about that except: amazing.

The rest of the fantasy leaders after the jump.

Joe Flacco, QB
He had a career day as did the entire Ravens offense. He threw for a career-high 389 yards with 3 TDs and no INTs. He did have a fumble but also had some rushing yards at 27. Of course I didn’t start him this week.

Ravens D/ST
Holding the Rams to 7 points, notching a TD, and multiple sacks on Sam Bradford all led to a 20-point game for the D.

Ray Rice, RB
For a RB only getting 13 carries, you wouldn’t expect him to earn you 16 points. But Ray Rice had huge plays all day, racking up 164 yards without a TD.

Billy Cundiff, K
Even though he missed two 51-yard field goals (in a dome, no less) he still earned double digits this week at 11.

There were a few other notables who didn’t earn double digits including Anquan Boldin for 7 points and Ricky Williams for 5. Again, another great week for Ravens in fantasy. The only problem is I doubt anyone drafted Torrey Smith. It’d be interesting to see how many people go pick him up now.

As for the Rams, their highest scorer was WR Brandon Gibson with 11 points; he scored the lone TD for St. Louis. Sam Bradford is next with 8.