Around the NFL: Week Three


This was a crazy week in football. I just want to mention a few things I found especially surprising, exciting, or bad.

Patriots vs. Bills

Are the Bills for real? They are now 3-0 and their last two games, they’ve come from at least 18 points back to win. A win over the Patriots and Tom Brady is no easy feat. The best part of this game: Brady threw FOUR picks. That’s how many he threw in ALL of last season. He then cut his hair off. Haha. I’m still not convinced on the Bills though. If they only lose one or two games in their next 3 to 5, call me a believer.

Jim Harbaugh is a much better coach than Mike Singletary.

The 49ers aren’t looking too bad. And Alex Smith is their QB. I don’t know if it’s just a honeymoon period or if they’re going to be contenders in the NFC East (which isn’t saying much) this year. Our man’s brother, Jim, has started off the season 2-1. They should be 3-0 but lost to Dallas in OT in week two. It’ll be interesting on Thanksgiving if the Niners are still doing well.

Cam Newton is shutting everyone up.

Almost every single sports media outlet questioned Newton as to how he would make the move from college to professional. He’s telling everyone to shove it with his performance so far. In the first game of his career, the Heisman Winner threw for the most yards EVER by a rookie making his first start at 422. The next week, he had another 400+ yarder…against the Packers. Last week he didn’t do as well, but still threw for 148 yards and a TD. He already has over 1000 yards this season, meaning he’s on pace for about 4000 in his rookie season.

What’s up with the Lions and Redskins?

The Lions are 3-0 including a win over Tampa Bay and an OT win over Minnesota in which they erased a 20-0 deficit. If Matt Stafford can stay healthy, they could win a wild card this year over Chicago.
As for the Redskins, they’re 2-1 and could have been 3-0 because the MNF game against Dallas last week was so close. They did beat the Giants in the season-opener but I’m not a believer yet. If they’re still above .500 by a game or two in week 9, I’ll change my mind. Their schedule until then is at the Rams, Bye, versus Eagles, at Carolina, and at Buffalo.

The Chiefs are really, really bad this year.

They didn’t look good during the preseason and then they lost their best player, Jamaal Charles, along with Eric Berry. They’re prime candidates in the Suck for Luck contest as Matt Cassel isn’t exactly panning out.

What Dream Team?

The Eagles are 1-2 and both losses came during games when Mike Vick got hurt. They lost a close one to Atlanta in which Vick suffered a concussion. They then got blown out at their home season-opener by the Giants. Their offensive line is bad. Their linebackers are absolutely terrible. And Nnamdi Asomugha got burned TWICE by some no-name Cruz who scored 2 TDs on Nnamdi. Vick also hurt his non-throwing hand and may not play this week against the 49ers, who have a chance at winning this one. It’s more like a nightmare there now.


What’s going on with these guys? They got killed by us (hee hee), completely blew out one of the worst teams Seattle, and then almost got beat by a Kerry Collins/Curtis Painter combo Colts team. They’re running game is not looking great. Their offensive line is terrible. Their defense is getting old and slow. Are they no longer the real Steelers? It will be interesting to see how they do this week against the Texans in Houston. But I’m not making any real judgments until after game 2 in Pitt Week 9.

Tony Romo is TOUGH.

I’m not a huge Romo fan or Cowboys fan whatsoever. But watching that guy play last Monday was ridiculous. In the game against the 49ers in week two, he fractured a rib and punctured his lung…yet he finished the game and won. He added a tiny bit of extra Kevlar padding for the Monday night game but played a full 4 quarters of rough and tumble football with a fractured rib and punctured lung. He took several hits and shots because his O-line couldn’t block shit for him. He really earned some respect for me because he took it like a man and played football.