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Know Your Enemy: New York Jets


This week, I asked Marc Greenberg, editor of New York Jets FanSided Blog The Jet Press, some questions about this week’s match up between the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Many former Ravens such as Derrick Mason, Bart Scott, Jim Leonard, and Rex Ryan are returning to Baltimore for the first time this Sunday. How much of an impact, if any, do you think this will have on the game?

"I don’t see it as being as big as people may think. Last season, the Ravens left a bad taste in the Jets mouths by winning the opening game of the season in the New Meadowlands. All the memories of returning home for Rex and the Gang have been replaced by the desire to come in to Baltimore and get a win."

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2. Like the Ravens did in Week 2, The Jets had a surprising defeat last week. How do you think they’ll respond? Is this an eye opener or a sign of trouble?

"The Jets got beat up last week. Pushed around and reminded that their Defense may not be as good as they think it is. You hate to see these games but sometimes they are a good wake up call. We’ll see how they respond Sunday night. Personally, I don’t think the team is well balanced to stop the run at this point. Aside from drafting Wilkerson in the first round, there have been no changes on Defense and Bart Scott and co. are a year older. A tough physical offense can push them around. Fortunately, there aren’t too many of those in the league anymore. WIth the transition to the “pass-first” offense, the Jets will benefit on Defense."

3. Joe Namath made some comments this week about Rex Ryan being too over confident. Do you agree with Broadway Joe’s sentiment?

"You have to give Joe Namath some credit. It’s been over 40 years from Super Bowl 3 and the guy can still get full media attention when he makes a comment. I’m sure all Jets fans agree that the life, energy and positive attitude that Rex Ryan has brought in to this team has been refreshing and charging. There is a new feeling among the Jets and their fans and Rex shouldn’t tone it down at this point. 2 straight AFC championship appearances is nothing to sneeze at."

4. What kind of game do you expect? More of a ground and pound game like Week 1 of last season or an all out air show?

"It was interesting to see Flacco throw that many times last week and i’ve seen the Jets start to do the same thing. Teams are watching the Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers of the past few years and realizing what it takes to win in the NFL; a QB. I want to say that I expect the same from Flacco and Mark Sanchez Sunday night but I can’t see the Ravens ignoring what the Raiders did to the Jets. I expect Ray Rice to get the ball early and often. For the Jets, Sanchez will be throwing to Dustin Keller, LT, Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress in that order"

5. Nick Mangold’s absence seemed to hurt the Jets last week. Is the offensive line the Achilles heel of this team? If not, what position is?

"The offensive line is hurting the team, no doubt, but they did put up 24 points on the Raiders despite a Sanchez INT into the endzone and a failed drive at the Raiders 1. The points are there; the problem is the defense. They are getting pushed around on the ground and Antonio Cromartie at CB is getting hurt by the No. 2 WR and Smith at Safety is getting abused by the TE. (Fortunately Todd Heap is not a Raven anymore. Heap was a Jets killer). The team needs to blitz more and get to the QB. Their numbers are way down this season."

Bonus: With the Bills emergence as a powerful team this year, the AFC East looks to become a three team race for the first time in a very long time. Does this worry you as the Jets have gotten off to a slower start than expected?

"Still not scared of the Bills. They will come back to earth soon. It will be the Jets and Patriots in the end."

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