Although the Ravens secondary performed extremely well aga..."/>

  Although the Ravens secondary performed extremely well aga..."/>

Ravens Add More Cornerback Depth


Although the Ravens secondary performed extremely well against the Jets Sunday night, they’re still the most scrutinized position on the Ravens team. The Ravens are trying to change that by signing CB Bryan McCann. McCann signed his contract on Tuesday morning and looks to get up to speed during the bye week. It will greatly help the depth at the cornerback position that has been ravished by injuries.

McCann is also a very skilled return man. This is where he can make the biggest impact to the team. Ed Reed and Lardarius Webb have been returning punts as of late which is worrisome to me. Seeing Ed Reed return a kick makes me feel like a middle-aged mother watching her seven year old play pee wee football for the first time. I cringe every time I see someone about to hit him. Reed is a great returner, but his body cannot take many more hits. He’s easily the Ravens best player and they can’t risk losing him. It will help greatly to have a good return man that is not also a starter somewhere else. Hopefully McCann will add that.

Jimmy Smith and Chris Carr are expected to be back after the bye week and Dominique Foxworth should slowly start to play more once he feels comfortable with his knee. Even with them coming back from injury, the Ravens are still short handed and an extra cushion is nothing to complain about.

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