Vonta Leach Faces His Former Team


"There were no hard feelings when I left there, I would say that obviously they had other needs and I wasn’t important enough for the team. I wasn’t high enough on the totem pole. I was the odd man out. You can’t pay everybody. – Vonta Leach on leaving the Houston Texans"

Vonta Leach was one of the more popular off season additions for the Baltimore Ravens. He’s helped improve the Ravens running game which now average 124 yards per game and 4.3 yards per carry. That’s a significant increase compared to the 3.8 yards per carry last year.

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"It’s no different than any other game for me. I’m not studying film any more than I normally would. I’m not beating my head against the wall."

Though Leach denies it, you have to think that this game means a little something extra to him. Leach paved the way for last year’s NFL leading rusher (Arian Foster) and was highly praised for his blue collar work ethic.

Leach isn’t the only one playing against his old team. Safety Bernard Pollard spend the last two years there as the Texans strong safety. In Baltimore, Pollard has had a reduced role but comes in on special blitzing packages where his presence is felt the most.

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