Ravens vs. Jaguars Features Two Elite Backs


Both Ray Rice and Maurice Jones-Drew are running backs with similar style and build. Though MJD may say he’s more attractive then Ray Rice, there’s no doubt that they’re both extremely capable backs in a league of their own.

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Monday’s matchup should be an interesting one as two great running backs headline two completely different teams. Though some may count the Jaguars out of this one, they still posses the ability to put up a good fight. Maurice Jones-Drew is as good as anyone and will be hard to stop. When he’s in space, he makes guys miss easily. You can slow him down, but you won’t stop him. I expect him to have a good game, even against a stout Ravens D.

Ray Rice has been playing great this season and it looks like he’ll continue his success on Monday. The Jaguars run defense has been non existent the past three weeks allowing 140 yards per game. Rice is coming off of a huge performance against the Texans where he rushed for over 100 yards. It will be interesting to see what he does against the Jaguars.

Both teams possess extraordinary talent at the running back position and I expect to see both Ray Rice and Maurice Jones-Drew with the ball early and often. The question is, who will have the better performance?

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