Recon plane online! It's time for our weekly "Know Your Enemy&qu..."/>

Recon plane online! It's time for our weekly "Know Your Enemy&qu..."/>

Know Your Enemy: Jacksonville Jaguars


Recon plane online! It’s time for our weekly “Know Your Enemy” segment. This week, I interviewed Andrew Hofheimer, editor of FanSided’s Jaguars blog Black&Teal, about the upcoming matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars. Big thanks go out to Andrew who took the time to answer our questions.

1. What do you think about Blaine Gabbert? Is he the future for the Jaguars?

"Whenever, you take a guy in the top 10, he darn sure better be the future at his position. Blaine has very much looked the part of a rookie this year, making mistakes and being inconsistent at times, but it’s easy to see his upside too and get excited about the future in Jacksonville. He needs more help from his receivers, but Blaine throws a really pretty ball and is showing signs that he’s got the pocket presence to go along with his physical tools, as well as the confidence to lead the offense on and off the field."

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2. The Jags are in a rebuilding stage right now. How long do you think it will take them to turn it around?

"The Jaguars are about midway through their rebuild – GM Gene Smith has solidified the offense and defensive lines (but the coaches need to continue developing these players) and has his franchise quarterback. I’d say the Jags are a legitimate receiving threat and a big-time pass rusher away from being a real contender, personnel-wise. We all know how important the quarterback is in today’s game, so once Gabbert turns into the quarterback we think he can be, that’s when the Jaguars will have arrived."

3. Maurice Jones-Drew or Ray Rice. Who’s better?

"That’s a tough one, because I really like both of these guys and they are remarkably similar. All the “pound-for-pound” talk aside, there aren’t many guys in the NFL who are more talented or play harder than these two. With all due respect to Ray, I’m going to take my boy, Mojo – more yards and more TD’s than RR each year and I think he’s more physically dominant and a better goal-line back, too. Plus, playing 14 games and putting up the numbers he did last year with a torn miniscus all season says a lot about his durability and toughness."

4. What’s the Jaguars weakest link? What position should be improved first through the draft and free agency?

"Oof – wide receiver and in a bad way. Our guys just aren’t getting separation and are dropping way too many passes. We gotta have a consistent target for Blaine and a legitimate threat that defenses have to account for – it would go a long way towards opening up the running game and giving our other receivers more room to get open and make plays. I’m not a fan of fixing receiver with free agency, so I think you’ll see us address this early in the 2012 draft."

5. What’s your prediction for the game?

"I think it will be a much better game that everyone is expecting and I think our defense might give the Ravens offense some trouble. I just don’t think we have the offense to make much impact against the perennially-tough Ravens D, though.I’m going to go with Ravens 17, Jaguars 13."

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