Over the years, Todd Heap became a prominent figure in Balti..."/>

Over the years, Todd Heap became a prominent figure in Balti..."/>

Todd Heap Thanks The Fans Of Baltimore


Over the years, Todd Heap became a prominent figure in Baltimore. Known for his great heart and play on the field, Heap built up a great report with his fans. Despite currently playing for another team, Heap made sure to thank his fans before returning home this Sunday for a match up against his former team:

"For a decade, my wife Ashley, and I took great pride in calling Baltimore home. We greatly appreciated the way this city embraced our family and took us in as your own. We wanted to publicly and emphatically thank all of you for your incredible support over the years.I would like to personally thank Art Modell for all that he has done, not only for me, but also for the passionate people of Baltimore. Mr. Modell brought football back to the city and restored fans’ pride in cheering for their home team. Our thoughts are with Mr. Modell as he mourns the passing of his wonderful wife Pat. I would also like to thank not only Steve Bisciotti for his great leadership of the Ravens organization, but also all of those within the organization who have been like family to me. I have played with so many great teammates over the years and am honored and proud to have stepped onto the field with each of you.And last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank you … the fans. I am so blessed to do what I do for a living. And I know that this great game is what it is because we have you supporting us. Your support has touched my family, and I will never forget the cheers of the crowd each and every time you roared ‘Heeeap.’ Ravens fans, you are tremendous!Although it was not my decision to leave Baltimore, I accept that change is sometimes necessary. Certain that I have a few good years of football left in me, I’m excited about my future with the Arizona Cardinals. But the city of Baltimore will always be special to me and my family. Thank you for so many wonderful memories."

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Todd Heap has done so much for the city of Baltimore that it’s only right that fans give him a friendly welcome. I’m expecting to hear the “HEAP” chant if he gets a reception on Sunday which you could expect if he ends up playing. Heap is currently questionable for Sunday’s game with a hamstring injury. I’d be disappointed if he didn’t play as I’m sure he would be too. This may be the last time we hear “HEAAAAPPP” resonate in M&T Bank so let’s cherish it if it happens. Welcome home, Todd Heap!

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