Ben Grubbs Returns To Practice For The Ravens


This couldn’t come at a better time. Ben Grubbs has finally returned to practice for the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens haven’t had Grubbs in the starting lineup since week one against the Steelers and all signs look good for him returning to the lineup against the Steelers this week.

Grubbs has had a tough time recovering from a toe injury. He came back to practice in early October but the injury was re-aggravated after being stepped on. It’s taken much longer than expected to heal but it seems like this could be the week he could return to action.

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Although Andre Gurode has done a decent job stepping in for Grubbs considering he only had a few weeks to get acclimated to a new position, the Ravens’ offensive line has struggled without him. Many have suggested that Grubbs is the catalyst for the Ravens’ offense and the recent struggles have been because of his absence. While this may be a little extreme, there’s no question that he is a huge boost to the position. The Ravens will need to be at full strength when they face the Pittsburgh Steelers this week in a very important game. The Steelers defense possesses a fearsome pass rush that even the most experienced lines have trouble with. Ben Grubbs returning to the starting lineup will make many Ravens’ fans sleep sounder on Saturday night as they hope to see a similar result of week one.

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