Ravens Must Beware Beast Mode



Marshawn Lynch’s persona known as “Beast Mode” is nothing to kid around about. While he’s been inconsistent during his career, Lynch has had some huge games against unlikely opponants. As you can see from the video above, Lynch is not the easiest to tackle and will not be stopped once beast mode is activated. The big question is, will the Ravens be able to stop it?

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The Seahawks have been plagued by offensive line issues this season. Because of that, the offense has been unable to get into a rhythm and has only shown flashes here and there. With the Ravens possessing the number two defense this year, they’ll target the o-line and try get into the back field.

Stopping Lynch is a priority as the Seahawks will need to be able to run the ball if they want a chance at winning. This falls into the hands of Haloti Ngata. The big man in the middle is known for his superior interior line skills and ability to clog up the middle. This is a matchup that I’m excited to see. How the Seahawks handle Ngata will quickly raise or lower their chances of winning.

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